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Fiction "K2 - The mountain of the Italians", recently presented on RAI1, has caused much controversy in the environment mountaineering. We publish below a review of our member and mountain writer Lodovico Marchisio, Also published in abridged version in the newspaper "La Stampa". Other comments have appeared on various other sites, among which " Trail sign 54 "And" montagna.tv ", Where you can also see the original film in 1955" Italy K2 ".

Considerations after viewing the miniseries broadcast in two-way bets on RAI UNO, in the early evening, Monday and Tuesday March 18 19 March that reached four and a half million teleutenti with peaks of over 16% share. Precisely for this reason it remains the bitter regret that with listening registered, you could give viewers a much more polished product. In fact the movie "K2, the mountain of the Italians," produced by Rai Fiction and Film-Red Earth Internationale Filmproduktionen, it only saves human implications very romanticized and well handled by director Robert Dornhelm, concerning the "fiction" the emotional life mountaineers, with Nepalese child resulted in adoption Ardito Desio Riccardo Cassin to apologize in some way to have it excluded from shipment. Also nice gesture Bonatti who prefers to pass himself an "irresponsible" by Lacedelli when he does fly off the letter, because it discovers that the woman he loves is leaving, deconcentrandolo by the company, however, unfortunate that the image of Bonatti for other verses is crippled and result opposite to that authentic. The film was shot entirely in the Alps, namely the Tyrolean glacier in Solden, in 3.500 meters, and Innsbruck in just two months by the way not ideal to such shares (February and March last year). It is also noted that despite the "high" fields should change perspective to the summit, the only used image of K2 (enlarged or not) always has the same shot, obtained with little care from archives dusted off by inexperienced eyes. The most glaring error concerns a scene in which mountaineers climb onto a terrain that should turn out to be virgin and instead you see traces on the snow higher than the first in the rope (and not when they came and went from the various fields, because here they would be justified). Obviously the tracks were left by real guides used in the film, to give support to the actors, without having the foresight to delete them, as has been stated that the actors were transported by helicopter on real mountains, in almost extreme situations, with due risk limit of course controlled. So, anyone got into a mountain, he felt immediately that this "fiction" has unfortunately not taken care of any technical detail of a climb "real." Nor is the exception invoked compliance with reconstructions of the past that finally, after fifty years, the Italian Alpine Club had prepared; enterprise that to this day was marred by serious historical untruth. Even spent the night in 8000 meters from Bonatti with Sherpa Mahdi, as Compagnoni and Lacedelli had put the tent in a higher place than the one agreed, which should have given prominence to the actual striking fact on which the controversy has exploded lasted for over 50 years, loses bite, because the emergency shelter set up and shown in the video, it looks like a snowy ground where you can play to make snowmen!
It would have been a good product, if it had been better cared for in its technical part, for the attempt to reconstruct a story that had made quite a stir at the time and later for the background that you were tempted to hide not to undermine the ' company of Italians, saw what had cost this expedition, on the grounds of reviving the world the image of a country gone to pieces by the war, when Italy was reduced (probably) worse than today, although there were other heads at command, then to lift our people from poverty after the war, as Alcide de Gasperi, in the film well against figuratively by Paolo Graziosi.

Lodovico Marchisio
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