A good CHARDONNET White: gully Escarra

11/10/2010 09:48 #752 da Franz Rota Nodari
Aiguille du CHARDONNET, 3824m: Goulotte ESCARRA, 500m; D + / 4

<A 'la santé!> And 'the case to toast with a good Chardonnay to this beautiful climb. After over a month of abstinence from the fee for weather, conditions, commitments and lack of members : Cry: With Mara we really want to immerse ourselves once again in the White world. For years, I wanted to go see the goulottes that dot the north side of the beautiful Aiguille de Chardonnet, a 3800 a bit 'sheltered the group. In addition to the two famous ridges Forbes and Migot Spur, the Aureille-Feutren gully, Gabarrou, Escarra, Charlet-Bettemburg characterize this side of the mountain. For more info see on camptocamp .
Time, which for the whole week was giving an encouraging stability, seems to want to spoil their weekend. However, the disorder seems to affect only the slope south of the Alps. Along the Piedmont and Val d'Aosta in the water pouring only hope keeps us going. And 'so that passed the Blanc tunnel, come to Chamonix with the sun is a pleasant surprise.
From the Tour, over Argentière, the path that leads to Refuge Albert I It is steep in its initial part, immersed in the colors of autumn. Came to the moraine of the glacier du Tour remains on the ridge to the double construction of the shelter. The old man is used as a winter shelter and duplex houses up to 30 people. There is the stove but lacks the wood. It 'still very welcoming. Water in the vicinity. For avevam output initially budgeted three days according to snow. Have to beat in the fresh snow of the past days is the approach that the descent for normal (non-trivial) would lose a lot of time. Once at the shelter, however, we find that well in eight have done the job for us today ;-) Two made Spur Migot, the four Escarra and two attempted the Aureille-Feutren.
The Bettemburg was our initial idea, but we were not very sure of the summit not really very sure with the looming fresh snow; the Escarra allows to arrive at the summit and equal difficulty (4) is also longer. No sooner said than done. Left alone winter collection characterized, after a quiet night, a regular approach, we attack with light. The path takes place in a fabulous setting, follow each other interesting passages of ice and mixed up the crux. Since there is still long, but we can continue in protected preserves. Once the collar choose to reach the summit for the North rather than the rocks. The normal resolves quickly (ahead of schedule being drawn) and we can come to the shelter where others have come up with our own goal and rapidly downstream.
A beautiful hill and gully, which in contrast to the "park" the Tacul games had a more genuine taste. And thanks as always to my super partner Mara.

The photos:

And 'fall, even a few weeks for them outside?

Le Tour and the autumn colors

Our goal from the glacier check

Even a future goal (the Verte)

old days?

On patrol on the glacier. The Chardonnet in all its glory

The new and old haunt (used as winter)


Sticks: crevasse excellent terminal

Go Mara!

On the right the Bettemburg in good shape.

Come on?

The junction with the Gabarrou. The very scenic bottleneck

Yum !!!!

Come Maraaaaaaaaaa

And vaiiiiiiiii

high side? but it is still long


It's your turn

She goes out on the North and still on


The output of the gully from the north.


finally out

What a sight: Courtes, Droites, Verte?

Drus and Midi


Doubles to lead on the glacier of Argentière

Now out of the problems

Turning: Escarra and beginning of Bettemburg


A 'LA SANTE': I wish you all a very good ice season !!!!!!!!

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11/10/2010 09:52 #753 da Franz Rota Nodari

From the Chardonnet:
-goulotte Escarra, excellent ;-)
-goulotte Charlet-Bettembourg: excellent, but output might delicate and not very safe
-goulotte Gabarrou79 seemed good
-goulotte Aureille-Feutren looked good although secchina ... but crevasse unsurpassable
-Sperone Migot: great, now that is charted
-Cresta Forbes perhaps too much snow.

side Silversmith:
-Couturier The Verte: several plates of ice.
-Ginat To Droites very good sembreva
-Lagarde To Droites: looks good, but switched from the glacier it seems problematic
-Charlet-Armand to good Jardin
Traces to the Courtes
It seemed formed Petit Viking, but the sun was against.
Seen a lot of ice in the wall on the Aiguille du Midi and Plan.

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11/10/2010 15:51 #755 da Raffaele Morandini

Very good way, and as you rightly pointed out, most beautiful environment.

The photo "Drus and Midi" is really impressive.

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11/10/2010 16:26 #756 da Marco Bagliani
Good good good !!!

Congratulations to you and to you Franz Mara for the beautiful hill !!

Beautiful (as always) the pictures!

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11/10/2010 19:33 #758 da Daniela Formica
What a nice climb !!! and great photos!
Congratulations, well done as semnpre!


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12/10/2010 08:47 #760 da Franz Rota Nodari

What a nice climb !!! and great photos!
Congratulations, well done as semnpre!

You... : roll: ... You just shut up : Lol: 8): twisted: : Wink: : Shock:: shock:: shock:: shock:
Congratulations to you!
...and thanks : Wink:

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