The dark side of the Rose: gully Grassi-Bernardi

17/10/2011 20:57 #1021 da Daniela Formica
That of Monte Rosa, more than many others, could be called a mountain range "double face", both morphologically, is a mountaineering: solar, natural, mostly covered with glistening glaciers slipping quietly into the underlying valleys warheads, from one side, There is in fact another shady and severe slope, steep, mostly rocky. Equally, easy climbs on snow provides easy access to almost all the peaks along the south side, while the stringent and challenging routes of ice and mixed terrain, tracked over the years on the other side by the most beautiful international mountaineering names, are able to satisfy the most demanding palates mountaineering point.
After traveling and retraced over and over again, on foot, on skis and in every season the solar side of Rose, I have recently begun to explore "the dark side": This year, then, it was virtually monographic, the Signal, to the north or the Lyskamm., to an attempt to Young on the north or the Breithorn., to finish with a flourish on the gully Grassi-Bernardi at large dihedral north of the Black Rock.
The relationship of the latter climbing the "Guide of the Mountains of Italy", what is perhaps most striking about the imaginary is the adjective refers to the environment in which it takes place: "repulsive".
If it is absolute, the habit may not allow me to be able to say, but certainly, after hours spent in the cold shadow of the north side, between dark overhanging rocks and dizzying flights of ice slides, emerge through the frame on the rounded top of snow golden sun-warmed air in the property of an October afternoon and be able to follow with his eyes every meter of the underlying slopes down to the valley of the fund houses, with extensive reception feeling.
Between the top and the bottom of the valley houses, there are still more than 2400 meters in altitude, which, as we will see the return of our aching legs, make the access to Rosa routes from the Valley of Ayas, beyond of 'attractive appearance, the selective antechamber of the climbs on the "dark side" of the mountain.
The exciting climb of this beautiful and fun gully, I climbed the 16 October Bagliani with Marco and Francesco Cantu, said it all, and especially shown with its always beautiful photos, the friend Franz Rota Nodari in the previous report, so that I will only these few impressions of the journey, not without confirming that current conditions are absolutely amazing and, I think, not usual.

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