The other side of the Breithorn: TRIFTJIGRAT

11/09/2012 09:15 #1183 da Franz Rota Nodari
Breithorn Occidentale: Triftjigrat, 900m / D / 60 °

Image taken from the web

In search of the "B" side of the mountains ;-) and streets a bit 'out of the classic lines and slopes, already twice the chain of BREITHORN had pleasantly surprised me. I speak of Cresta Young and goulotte Grassi-Bernardi : Two beautiful itineraries on a mountain that offers to the south look "good-natured", while to the north an unexpected world: isolated, severe ice age. The TRIFTJIGRAT, the North ridge of Breithorn Western, was a long time in my thoughts. Not set foot on the western from 21 years, he was the 1991 and it was my second 4000. For one thing or another in the years I was not able to calcarne the top, as is done classically, with skins. The occasion from the north was greedy.
With Mara, Denis and Paul (Vime) go up by cable car to Plateau Rosa Saturday morning (we will discover that in 5 groups has even a discount!). Snow falling in recent days is less than expected and seems already settled. Along the glacier, in the midst of pistaioli, we go down to Zermatt surpassing the Theodule Hut. Our gaze is drawn to the Breithorn changing appearance, meter by meter, from a calottone "harmless" to a repulsive wall. When we arrive at our destination GANDEGGHUTTE it shows itself in all its glory. Even the way you will travel the next day seems obvious, but also less long than it will prove. The afternoon passes relaxing. After a short night with a half moon that illuminates well the glacier, we move between the ups and downs of ice and debris in the direction of our ridge. The first slope we face it when it dawns. then we go out for some fun rocks to Triftjiplateau: a shelf in the middle of huge seracs and crevasses where there is still a comfortable ride, but it commits us more than expected for the snow here a bit 'and founded to beat. In front of us now, after the crevasse, the final slope of 400m which alternates soft snow to ice a bit 'splits calves. The output will occur for a stretch of mixed with delicate areas. When we arrive on the summit dome from Italy arrive cloudy stealing our landscape, but then there is little time to look directly at him: shall we descend lena at Plateau Rosa to take the last (in all senses because it is the last day of September) cable car opening.
In short, excellent roads there are still many, many, even of 4000 already risen. And when the members are as valid as those of this round, the guarantee of success and fun is assured.

But here are the pictures (my, Denis, Vime and Mara):

The Breithorn Occidentale seen from the west side ... starts to change appearance. The final part of our street on the left.

The Gandegghutte: a splendid view of the Imperial Crown

The path dell'indomani

Bon appetit: magic!

Nordend and Dufour: beautiful

The first slope

His Majesty the Matterhorn. Photo dedicated to a friendly ... ;-)

On rocks in view of the Cresta Young

Out of the initial slope

Obergabelhorn, Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn

That background! Thanks Mara!

Stambeck style

superlative environment

Seracs that!

Arriving on Triftjiplateau

Passing treacherous crevasses

The final part of the street (the most technical and interesting)


the crevasse

on a slope

The seracs seem above, but are not online (it's worse Supersaxo)

Beautiful there Vim. From calendar ...

The path is long

To the rocks

nice passages

My super partner: wonderwoman !!! ;-)

Now out. Summit on the cover!

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11/09/2012 17:25 #1184 da Raffaele Morandini
What a beautiful rose! ... Have you reassessed the Breithorn.

Again good Franz!

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12/09/2012 17:27 #1196 da Piero Bianco
Once I had done so many thoughts .....
That photo and environment, thinking about what's on the other side (the only one that still can not go now ....)

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18/09/2012 14:12 - 18/09/2012 14:13 #1208 da Flavio melindo
For lovers of the past, here is Mario Grilli on the terminal above the Triftjiplateau back in 1963 ...

Other times, other tools and, unfortunately, even other legs!
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18/09/2012 14:15 #1209 da Franz Rota Nodari
Wonderful! Chapeau to them ...

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