Gross Grünhorn ... the 50 °

13/09/2012 17:16 #1199 da Raffaele Morandini
As always when the season is ending, begins my.

Monday 10 September climbed Gross Grünhorn ... my 50 ° Four thousand!

To delve Oberland this season, you have to be predisposed to great efforts, long marches uncomfortable and above all a continuous jump crevasses. Distances are amazing and the blisters almost insured. However, if you go with prepared mind, and there is carried away by the emotions that this wild environment (and still intact) gives us with a certain arrogance, then you can rest assured that you will return enriched by contact with the sublime. The nature here is not quiet sure. Going up, the day before, I also happened to witness a spectacular phenomenon as it is disturbing: a jet of water high, type geyser, escaped from her mouth, and sprayed with awesome energy skyward ... twice . I do not know exactly what caused it ... maybe a crevasse collapsed on itself, or some huge boulder crashed inside a water-filled crevice. Usually the water falls into crevasses and not the other. The fact that this phenomenon has been really impressive. Apart from this event, the glacier has been particularly dynamic in the two days spent in this area. At night and in the morning, the ice sang their Wagnerian symphonies with powerful explosions to make "hair stand on end." The environment, already perceived as isolated and sour, was emphasized by the fact that the Konkordiahütte there were very few people ... and, no on Gross Grünhorn.

The climb to the summit of Gross Grünhorn in this period is physically demanding, because it takes place on a "heavy" and uncomfortable, especially in the ascent to the crest of Grunegghorn. In the dark when you walk through this stretch, currently very crevassed, was not a walk, so that downward we preferred to stay close to the rocky ramparts (right), where the water falls on the soil and debris with bare ice, but at least no crevasses. To reach the Gross Grünhorn have to climb to the summit of Grunegghorn, along the South-West ridge (right now climbing with crampons, because there is a bit 'of snow) and then down the other side and climb on the snowy slopes of Gross (as far as you can), and then move to the rocky summit ridge (crack open terminal, the only passage is the limit). The ridge of the Gross is currently dry (covered without crampons), but be careful to verglas, which is already present in the shade. However, it is a pleasant climbing. The view from the summit is one of the most exciting. Everywhere you look there is ice! 360 ° of pure pleasure for the eyes and soul.

In my opinion it is a mountain whose difficulties vary greatly according to the conditions (ice, snow, etc.) and the period chosen to climb it. Unfortunately, this is certainly not the ideal time.

If you want to do it all in just two days (as I did), the return to Fiesch after the summit is ending ... it is good to have a good physical workout.

Thanks to Fulvio Zuanni and the other members of the Club who have given me infos about this ascension.

For the 50 ° was worth this beautiful work!

Raffaele Morandini

View of the Great Aletsch Glacier

On the central moraine of Grosser

km covered

Jungfrau view from Konkordiahütte


Attack of the Grunegghorn crest (Part snowy ice ... almost)

On the Gross Grünhorn crest

At the top! ... my 50 ° Four thousand !!!

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17/09/2012 18:46 #1201 da Flavio melindo
Bravo Raffaele, a "yellow flag" well deserved!

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18/09/2012 08:39 - 18/09/2012 08:40 #1202 da Franz Rota Nodari

Raffaele Morandini wrote: As always when the season is ending, begins my.

How can I not quotarti ;-)
And congratulations!
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19/09/2012 05:28 #1210 da Aldo Tosetti
Congratulations for this dual goal, hello, Aldo

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