suggestion for the search of the routes.

22/09/2012 21:21 #1212 da Vareno Boreatti
When I had to get on one of the last 4000 I tried to prepare myself on guides and maps and found that in some cases "GOOGLE EARTH" was fine. Especially for Lauteraarhorn and its neighbor Schreckhorn viewed from the satellite have climbed clarify what you read on the maps. In the case of the Verte-Droites group and Brouillard instead I failed to find satisfactory images. I'm sorry I did not give this suggestion a few weeks ago, maybe someone would not wrong channel.
Another suggestion concerns the Combin, is Luigi Bosio and I will carry: "When you go to Combin takes home the three points." I ski along with Nadino Zoppo I went from Corridor (one hour under fire with blocks at the halfway point, but on the west slope is under fire the same) then I went to Tsessette, we let the skis under the Mur de la Cote (should be called so too) and on foot we climbed the ice wall, I bet the Valsorey and from there I got the tip to where Granfenere expected Nadino me that had gone directly to the highest peak. For ridge and then to the wall we returned from skiing. PS Nadino returned to combin this year by Isler shoulder and to make Tsessette had to get off the wall, go to Tsessette, climb the wall and reached the comrades who were waiting for him, get off at last the slope NO and return.
Thank You: Franz Rota Nodari

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26/09/2012 12:23 #1214 da Franz Rota Nodari
Thanks Vareno.
Useful information to GE, for those not accustomed to the satellites.

I will also recommend the site by Swiss map
It allows you to reach a scale of 1: 10000
you can print and see aerial photos

Also goes well well on the border areas (see val d'Aosta)

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