Gitone AL-PHU-BEL 4000 for ski touring

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Saturday the desire of "thin air" was such a beautiful and ski mountaineering over4000 the bill perfectly. The initial indecision is due to the weather and our ambitions are also directed to the east. In the end we decided for this excellent ski mountaineering that thanks to Langflue systems allows to rise during the day, although the journey is a beautiful buck. It was by far 2004 we did not visit, but then the skiing was survival because of the wind. After passing a dense fog and clouds Sempione also in Saas finally we come out in a fabulous sun. The climb is very well drawn. Before us fifteen sFizzeri who have taken the first cable car and the Brozio group, Teo and Joker. I, with Anna pursuit of Mara and Livy in the head. From the summit the view is sublime. Made even more impressive by the sea of ​​clouds. The fantastic descent. At about 3200 m we pass through the "sea" for risbucare below where visibility excellent returns. Now for the best slopes in Saas where satisfaction for the nice day is really great! Thank you all!!!!

And here is our small contribution to the project 82x365
Force that we are only at the beginning !!!!!

Video without any pretense:

From Saas soon as the clouds thin out the show is magnificent: Alphubel, Taschorn, Dom, Lenzspitze.

nice track

Towards Taschorn

The Allalinhorn

Seracs background

Great setting but close to facilities


In Italy I am under the clouds

The Saas valley with the background Oberland Lagginhorn

Going up to the Allalinhorn

The steep slope usually the key point of the climb. Today even the rampant serve!

different plans

More and more of

Allalinhorn, Stralhorn, Rimpfischorn

WOW: Gnifetti, Nordend, Dufour

the slope

now above

The hound clouds

And 'vettaaaaa !!!!
"There on the mountains with Annetteeeee" ;-)

The Mara ripella well ;-)

Dent Blanche magnificent. But behind even Courtes, and Droites Verte

Taschorn, Dom, Lenz and ... Livio

Go down


Mara from calendar

pure pleasure


Down in the sea
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comparisons glaciological

First the ice off to the left (out of the red square) is completely different in the two years: it has the 2004 movement. The thickness of the cliff that in 2004 pushed and then protruded, is now completely smoothed (on the right side in particular), a sign of retreat and "malaise" ...
A morphological level if a face has a convex profile and "cliff" it means that the glacier is well advanced and there is "mass push" from upstream: so it is in "good health." Conversely, if your forehead is smoothed, deflated and concave profile there is little push and the glacier (unless substantial changes of climate-glaciological trend) is expected to shrink (and then it is said that "is sick").
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