Punta Parrot (mt.4436) Via degli Italian

24/07/2013 12:38 #1268 da Carlo Ravetti
It breathes an atmosphere of times to Gugliermina Hut. In the long approach from the valley floor we enter a little at a time into a strange world, there always lower Alagna Valsesia and the green, in front of the giant crevasses of the glacier Piode barring access to the fabulous Lost valley.
"Severus and grandiose" says Buscaini of this side. And 'perhaps what we are looking for in the mountains, along with the loneliness, the distance, the phone that does not pitch and a antique wooden hut clinging to the rocks, where you can feel safe from the storm arrives?
Where to Find the Alps on a summer weekend, with the anticyclone of the Azores found that keeps the perfect conditions on the mountain, a small, comfortable cabin all to ourselves?
Do not come in many up here, the approach is too long for the few interesting ways. For good climbers there is the elegant Pier Vincent, for us classic climbers in danger of extinction, the way of the Italians at the Parrot.
Never mind if not shine in our curriculum this way, unknown to most, obscured by the fame of the famous Cresta Signal. Yet we were happy going up the quiet off outcrop, where the snow was holding well and the rock was not so ill.
Tied roped more for friendship than for some kind of security.
Step off the Parrot is not how to get down from 'Aiguille Verte. Reached the affected row of ants that rises and falls from the Colle del Lys, who slowly and those who fast, those who walk and who, willfully, on skis, we savor the vain satisfaction not to make us intruppare like sheep in the fold of the new cable car 'Indren. Bravely we navigate the Stolemberg up to Salati, as some had done Canzio, Lampugnani and Gugliermina the July 18 1906 after opening the "Way of Italian" at the Parrot.
Then, fortunately for us, there is a cable car to Alagna.

Parrotspitze mt 4436
Crestone Southeast (Via degli Italian)
1200 meters. AD +. Rock climbs II and III.
Snow slopes up to 45 °.
Salita made the 20 / 21 2013 July
Day 1: 5 hours. Day 2 4,30 hours.
Excellent conditions for the entire route.
Participants: Manuela Motta, Enrico Pessiva, Claudio Casalegno Alberto Cucatto, Andrea Guiot, Carlo Ravetti

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26/07/2013 12:08 #1270 da Flavio melindo
Well done, it seems to me that this is the right approach to the high mountain that should animate all our members. But the fact remains that everyone can interpret alpinism in his own way, outside of any rule, and perhaps this freedom is what makes it unique among all sports.

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