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TOPIC: Notes from Paradise

Notes from Paradise 08/08/2013 20:06 #1291

We are tired, down from Gran Paradiso, who has pain in the legs, feet hurt those who headache. The path down to the valley from Chabod never ends, a hairpin after another, we are now for almost 14 hours on the march. Let's just say that we can not anymore.
To pass the time we begin to discuss the well-known phenomenon that, however long or eternal was the tour, after a short time, often the day after, all the fatigue fades into memory, which clears in a short negative memories of what we have lived and retains, often amplifying them, the pleasurable and rewarding aspects.
So in short we're ready to go.
From this classic psychological removal process follows that, to be honest, our beautiful days in the mountains are mostly made of toil, suffering, effort to not give up, do not stop, do not turn back. Anxiety for the time, the difficulties, conditions. Fear of not being up, of getting into danger, for not taking the right equipment.
The fun, the aesthetic pleasure for the beautiful landscapes, contemplation and inner enjoyment arrive well after, usually when we are comfortable at home to meet again our photos to your computer.
A few minutes of this climb escape this filter, which tends to soften and beautify our businesses.
There are, it is true, objective criteria by which to classify the efforts, for example the difficulty, engagement, length, conditions, etc. etc, and which rightly relate to other our trips.
In my personal classification, the main criterion by which I try to make some objective memories are the times taken: refuge shelter, car parking, retreat-peak, peak retreat, approach.
Assuming, without conceding that goes more or less always the same pace (but on this I begin to have some doubts), the rise and fall times make me immediately to mind, without too much cheating, how much effort I made, because the mountain I squeezed me, how much effort it cost me.
So, if the crossing Small-Gran Paradiso lasted 12 hours from hut to hut there is no doubt that you will return beautiful cooked.
Part time (over everything from shelter to the cable car!) To the way of the Italians to the Parrot, then about half effort.
For Arrete du Jardin it took 20 hours from hut to hut, a few more hours for Arrete Sans Nom, where we touched around the clock. I still feel tired right now just thinking about it.
Even the Peuterey, the Brouillard, the Jorasses, the Schrekhorn-Lauteraarhorn were longish trips, indeed eternal truth be told.

Also this time we did not beat any records, in 12 hours we went from Small to Gran Paradiso, and we got back on our earthly roads.
And this time neither was worth it.

Small- crossing Gran Paradiso from Colle Montandayné
Salita made on July 27 2013 with Alberto Morino and Enrico Pessiva
excellent overall condition.
varied and interesting itinerary

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