model of Mont Blanc

07/02/2016 14:17 #1447 da Vareno Boreatti
The Museum of the Mountain to the Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin there is a very nice model of the
Mont Blanc I had seen a few times but I had never watched carefully; is well done and accurate, it can serve to me to watch the climbs that I did and now I will not do more for you but it is certainly useful to study the ridges and the walls that you want to go. And 'much better than the maps and Google Earth. Good trips. Vareno Boreatti

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01/03/2016 09:34 - 01/03/2016 09:35 #1450 da Luke Calzone
Hello Vareno, it's true, because of the helpful tip to those who had not ever seen!
It 'a model in 3D very nice and very well done. I photographed it from all angles.
As you said, is the forerunner of Google Map and perhaps even better .....

Luke Calzone
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