Agner, the Stone Giant

06/10/2016 23:50 #1479 da Raffaele Morandini
climbed the Agner (2872 m), Nicknamed "Stone Giant"And it is known to have the highest of all the Dolomites Wall. The North wall falls vertically and continuously for nice 1600 meters.

Ascent with crossing of the Lastei Agner - the crossing is quite long and always exposed, requires dry rock - and falling for Via the gully. Curiously, the Summit Cross is not on top, but a little further on a vantage point overlooking the Conca Agordina. Panorama in the round, starting from the Pale di San Martino in full, via the South Face of the Marmolada, to embrace all the Belluno Dolomites. The breathtaking view of the "neighboring" OwlWhich had risen exactly one year ago in this same period, from this angle it appears with a "physiognomy" particularly different from the better known. From the top the view is inebriated by a sea of ​​peaks and green valleys, lost in the deep groove of the Valle di San Lucano ... perhaps the wildest place of the Dolomites, where the woods, sometimes impenetrable, face grim, high and sheer gray walls , including that "infinite" Agner.

Happy autumn to all


Exactly one year ago I was on the "close" Civetta, the "beautiful"! ... Even then there was no one on the mountain. In praise of autumn!

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