New route on Grignone - Cividini and Festorazzi

20/12/2017 23:44 #1514 da Raffaele Morandini
Honor and Glory to the Member Valentino Cividini !!!

I signal the opening of a new route on the Northern Grigna "Grignone" from Lorenzo Festorazzi e Valentino Cividini (Socio del nostro Club 4000). The two fearless climbers have drawn a beautiful line on the west wall of Grignone, which they wanted to call "Cold blood". I know very well west wall the Grignone and I can say that the name they chose is particularly suitable, since all the routes on this side, wild and imposing, require precisely "Cold Blood" and, I would add, even "so much effort". The new way is evaluated TD + M6 400m. Below the news in online newspapers:

Congratulations to the two mountaineers, who have shown, in addition to great technical skills, imagination and intuition by identifying the new line on one of the most beautiful walls of the mountains of Lecco, thus demonstrating that the adventure is around the corner of the house.


Raffaele Morandini


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