Crossing of the Aig. du Diable

01/09/2008 11:51 #362 da Flavio melindo
Last August 28 Daniela Formica performed (for the third time, is a vice!) The crossing of AIG. du Diable and sent us this report, which we quote below.

Departure from Torino h 3, on top all'Isolée to 14.
The access to the ridge from Cirque Maudit channel is still in fair condition, except for a few tens of meters in the initial part, where the ice is broken and in some points there must be subject to unpleasant shower water which flows to the bottom of the channel. The terminal still does not cause any problems. In some upper reaches poor snow raises the risk of falling rocks at presence of other climbers.
The spiers are clean, except for a bit 'of snow on the terraces on the north face of the Medians and dell'Isolée, whose first shot we had to make crampons. The forks of the spiers are well snow-covered, but not oblige ramponarsi, with the exception of the Brèche between Carmen and Isolée.
Dall'Isolée Tacul to the top of the soil is now almost free of snow and allows easy and fast progression.
A personal note: in many, at the end of the crossing, for various reasons we have avoided the Isolée (for me it was the third time the Diables, but the Isolée had always lagged behind .....); the climb dell'Isolée from Contamine variant I did not appear significantly more difficult, for example, the higher pitches of the Medians, in return, the rock is spectacular and offers an exciting climb! ... really advisable to climb it !!

Daniela Formica

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