WEISSHORN: the giant white

02/09/2008 15:54 #367 da Franz Rota Nodari
The White Giant. 3100 vertical meters to earn no shortcuts. We start Saturday from Randa in 4. I, Sabri, Gianfri and Alfio. The path leading up to Weisshornhütte is fabulous. excellent views of all 4000 of Valais. The 1500 vertical meters are passing quickly and 3h15 to the max (I : roll: without stops) we are the small, cozy retreat. Perlustrativa a visit to see the street dell'indomani and so dinner. Dinner so you can not call it: a real crap, but you have to ingest. The only positive note the incredibly clean bathrooms. The shelter is full (30 places !!!). All with the same goal. Breakfast at 2: 30. Sabri and I leave for the past ( : roll: ) with almost half an hour late. We have all lost. We see the fronts wandering far. In fact, the way is not easy to identify in the dark. After a thousand meters we are at the Frustuckplatz. The day above us is wonderful. In the south dense clouds confirm the forecasts but do not raise concerns here. We bind ourselves. The rock ridge is sharp but well protected. The non-binding III steps. At 10 now for a while 'on the snowy section, we meet Gianfri and Alfio already back. We give ourselves "hypothetical" appointment downstream. At 11 we are at the 4505 meters of the summit. Yet another emotion. Sublime panorama. 7h30 of ascent, we can not complain, the damage to 7. Start now the descent that will be an Odyssey. Sabri had warned me of his slow downhill, but in person it is another experience. After 9h30 we are at the shelter. We have now dismissed our members and are already on their way back. Another night in the shelter will be gold to fully enjoy the long day spent. The dinner then, consumed with only two others coming from the North ridge, will be something else: nice steaks with sautéed potatoes. And the refugee also proves to be nice. The next day, under an initial drizzle, we descend to Randa, whence by train we will return to Italy.
remarkable climb. A good anyway to Sabri than uphill proved a viable second climber. Pity not to have fully shared the climb with the other two friendly companions.
And thanks also to Nibi, who with his precious weather info, spurred me to go despite the dubious predictions for Sunday !!!

Refuge in magnificent place: Panorama of the Mischabel

And on Rimpfisch and Rosa

Peering street dell'indomani

The Mischabels seem wrapped ... Jack & Luisaaaaaaaa ...

It is displayed in all its beauty

There's already people away ... wait for us to arrive ;-)

sharp ridges

Almost over the rock

Great attention

Unique crossroads in rock, thank goodness

The North below us ... sucks

the snow is also sharpened

The Dent Blanche check behind the Schaligrat: Domeeeee ... Lorenzzzz



fog suggestive

One of the many towers to overcome

Others like us downhill

Last double ridge and down

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03/09/2008 09:50 #371 da Mark Tatto

The White Giant. 3100 vertical meters to earn no shortcuts.

And yes, really good, another proof of Dome de Mischabel style resistance. Departures from Randa leave no escape !! :D

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