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TOPIC: BERNINA area. Eselgrat Piz Roseg

BERNINA area. Eselgrat Piz Roseg 07/10/2009 14:33 #571

In this last (?) Summer we ...
the conditions of the mountain were the top!

In Valais climb Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Trav.Breithorn ...
In too many White climbs very challenging ... I will get voice Kuffner, Contamine and MAJOR: shock:: shock:: shock: !!! from a friend that I hope will tell ...

Even the BERNINA Group is not far behind as conditions.
Last we opening the hut Tschierva, the Bianco was in excellent condition. The W Bernina a little 'ice, but salibile. The nose of great Scerscen. The North Roseg with ice, but salibile.
The classic and easy ESELGRAT al roseg excellent !!!

Unless heavy snowfall (er, damage limitation 2000 in Switzerland !!!) should remain good cond ...

Roseg, Eselgrat

A weekend of good weather, with mild temperatures and excellent share conditions. How can we not catch him? For the occasion, we also have a nice bunch, I, Mattia (Mat69), Angel (pen), Mirko (Molly) and Roberto (Everest). After a slew of options to be decided during the week, the choice is the beautiful Eselgrat (Donkey crest? Who is it? ;-)) To Roseg: a mixed ridge with a nice stretch in rock and snow. Valid alternative to the "neighbor across" Bianco at Bernina. In the latter (maybe) I remember in the summer, we are on the long road of Val Roseg outweighed by carriages that still take tourists. The climb to the refuge is fast and enjoyable with these magnificent views. Here, about twenty past guests marks the end of season. A nap and dinner outdoors at the last sun. The next day, the alarm will not be too soon: it makes no sense to get the attack back when it's too dark, although a bright moon will save the batteries of the front throughout the approach. This is neither short nor linear: moraine, glacier, moraine and rocks and well-crevassed glacier. With excellent timing, however, we are the rocks with the first light. The mammoth and fascinating northern Roseg wall above us. Friends are going under three times to climb it, but it did not want. The promise we read in their looks ecstatic. The rocks are beautiful and the snow is not much. The most difficult passages (IV) are also dry and even bolted. Now came the sun and the landscape ranges of hundreds of kilometers. Before us only two ropes, but always at a distance: and to think that the summer crowds here ?? The ridge proves easy and fun. At the end of the rocks, the climb to the summit, according to the program will be a great blow, but the track is good and the view from the summit will be the deserved reward. Unfortunately, Mirko and Roberto are waiting for us to pass. The highest peak is however little (my trop!) Well and leave for the "return." Those 16 meters do not hide almost nothing of the wonder that can be enjoyed from up here. E ', however, wait to go down. Unfortunately the descent for Coaz Hut does not seem in conditions: the non-trivial channel and the glacier, on the contrary of our ascent in great condition, looks like a real maze. Once back on the rocks, so we caliamo for non along the climb comfortable double, but on a direct line that delivers directly to the glacier. Once at the refuge, barred windows and tables taken from the terrace remind us that now the season is really over, despite this summer-like day. Now it should become the only animal kingdom. Arrived at by the loud noise of stags in the valley (or rugli of bears ???) in love (disturbing!) That constantly are heard coming from the woods seem to want to remember that it is time to leave this piece of paradise in the peace that has earned after months of crowding and tourism. Hello Roseg, good "hibernation."

As always, the mountain is not only nature and contact with it. It is not only insight in the many moments of solitude (as you climb in silence, while contemplating a panorama). But it is also and above all sharing and friendship. Nice to savor these feelings here rather than elsewhere. It 'goes without saying that here are more intense. I wonder why!? Thanks to the comrades of this new exciting climb.

And now photos (mine and Matthias):

Val Roseg is long, but the first leg is becoming less effort?

That's who awaits us: the Triad: Bernina, Roseg and Scerscen

The hut is not far away now. Beautiful Biancograt and Nose Scerscen !!!

The Tschierva glacier descends from the Roseg

afternoon relaxation

Tomorrow's goal with the towers of Eselgrat indicated.

The Biancograt turns red?

And the moon illuminates the wall N Roseg

Towards the ridge attack

First light on the Roseg

Beautiful passages in the sun

Go Mirko !!!

Spigolotto bolted

Picca and mixed: nice!

Now on snow; Behind the towers

Towards the share 3598

peak light?

Photos of "group" ;-)

Bernina and Scerscen

Dall'Anticima the real peak travel is not short?

Detail of the Bernina West

To Italy: the Badile, the Accident, the Orobie

downhill fast

Piz Morteratsch

It is back on the rocks

But then off double

The summit pyramid

Beautiful Nose Scerscen? Next goal? ;-)

The route of the double: + 1 2 1 + easily concatenate.

The North (Schmidt)

On the spur between the two glacial flows

It was not a donkey? But a horse ;-)

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